a lonley ghost (omfg_hot_damn) wrote,
a lonley ghost

couldnt step it up

last night i got out of drivers ed...and who was there to pick me up cla and curtis my boys! so than i called christina to just come over my house and well all find somethin to do. so christina leron me and cla were chillen at my house lookin for somethin to do. than brett liz and donaway came over cause they were doin the same thing we were doin. unfortunatly there was nothing to do so everyone peaced and i went with christina to take leron than i came home went to bed. wat a friday haha hearts cla and curtis for picking me up. today is my first day at south moon im goin in from 11 till 3ish i think than i gotta go to zolees from 5 till hopefully 9. im a workin man now. i got a date for prom im stoked. soo its time for me to get dressed later!!!
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