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09:22pm 11/12/2006
  so today i got tattooed it was cool...my arm kinda hurts im just relaxin now. im starting to wonder what direction im gonna head in with my life....its been on my mind latley.  
11:52pm 28/11/2006
  so haha i havent been on this thing in over a year or so hahah so ummmmm yeah....lets see alots happend since my last entry i graduated, im single, i drink alot, i was in another band, i went through alot of jobs, i moved out, i got my friends back.......crazy o livejournal haha you will never change  
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heres the thing..............lol   
06:44pm 08/05/2005
  whats up man, hahaha yeah donaway is physiclly gone, but hes in my heart, my mind, my soul everything i do. he will never really leave me, im gonna miss seeing his face, his smile hearing his jokes and everything donaway used to do, but he will live on through me and all his friends. hahaha i think he said it best, "danny, danny....we didnt get our hug today" i will never let go  
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08:20pm 06/05/2005
  this is my last entry, forever...im done with live journal. today was justins viewing, it was the hardest thing ive ever had to do it was my first viewing ever, i cried the hardest ive ever cried in my entire life. seeing him laying there, and all his pictures, the pictures of me n him and brett n josh n brandon at my house, all the times we spent together, the moments i wont forget. i fell to my knees today because i was crying so hard, i had us all sign a cd and i put it in his casket so he can be buried with us. i promise you justin, we will play one last show for you, i will not get another guitarist, i refuse to, i love you, may you be at peace, and i dont think i could of said goodbye enough tonight. i just wanted one last time......

08:04pm 04/05/2005

my friend, my brother, gone.....i will miss you, i will always love you. you will be in my heart forever. your memory will live on through me and all your friends.  the music me and you made together is something that i will never let go. i promise you justin i will not let you down. i love you

Justin Lee Donaway

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06:16pm 03/05/2005
  god bless you justin donaway, i love you very much and i will miss you. i will never forget the things me and you went through. may your heart and your soul be at peace.....  
02:13pm 03/05/2005
  once again........good bye, ive moved on from live journal.........................much love  
05:52pm 02/05/2005
  When was the last time you..
cried: carl baretts funeral
played a sport: last summer
laughed: today
hugged someone: today
kissed someone: today
felt depressed: while ago, im very happy now
felt elated: huh
felt overworked: never
faked sick: last week
lied: yesterday

What was the last..
word you said: bye
thing you ate: roast beef sandwhich
song you listened to: goo goo dolls black baloon
thing you drank: water
place you went to: fat daddys
movie you saw: men in black
movie you rented: uhhhhhh dunno
concert you attended: nfg

Who was the last person you..
hugged: amanda
cried over: carl
kissed: amanda
danced with: amanda
shared a secret with: brett
had a sleepover with: brett but it was more like i was drunk so yeah
called: amanda
Who called you: amanda
went to a movie with: amanda
saw: dad
were angry with: step mom
couldn't take your eyes off of: my baby
obsessed over: once again, need i say it

Have you ever..
danced in the rain: yup
kissed someone: yes
done drugs: yes
drank alcohol: yes
slept around: no
partied 'til the sun came up: kind of
had a movie marathon: fuck yeah me and rick nuzzy
gone too far on a dare: yeah i got naked
spun until you were immensely dizzy: yup
taken a survey quite like this before: many a times

What Did You Do...
Last weekend?: amanda left untill sunday so friday i worked saturday i chilled with brett and worked than sunday amanda came home went to church, went to breakfast went to her house me her n her brother and his girlfriend took out the boat and we cruised ate at mackys went back to amandas me and her cleaned like crazy than i went home
Yesturday?: i was on a boat, than cleaned, than cuddled, than slept
Your last birthday?: went out to eat with some close friends and had a good time
New Years Eve?: met the girl of my dreams
Valentines Day?: had my first real valintines day
4th of July?: worked
Halloween?: went out with liz sar i dunno if brett was there or not
Thanksgiving?: turkey!!!
Christmas Eve?: decorated a tree
Christmas Day?: presents chilled with brett packed for b more

Ever Been Called...
Dumb?: all the time
Retarted?: yes
Ugly?: yes
Hot?: yes
Fat?: yes
Anorexic?: no
A waste of space?: life space same thing
Useless?: yes
Sexy?: yes
Smelly?: yes
A Slut?: no
Beautiful?: no
Smart?: no
Quiet?: no
Boring?: no
A Bitch?: yes
Rebel?: yes
Conceited?: yes

What are you wearing?: no shirt and some abercrombie pajama bottems
Who are you talking to?: no one
How is the weather?: shitty
What are you listening to?: goo goo dolls
What/Who are you thinking about?: amanda
What are you eating/drinking?: water
What are you looking forward to?: living
What are you dreading?: waking up at 6
How are you feeling?: chill
How is your hair?: short
What time is it?: 9:01
What are you anoyed by?: money

What emotion do you feel the most?: happy
What emotion is the best?: being in love
Worst?: broken hearted
What songs make you cry?: im lost with out you by blink is a good one doesnt make me cry but still
What movies make you cry?: i cried at black beauty no joke
What always cheers you up?: my girlfriend, and brett, and my other friends
What make you madder than anything?: stupidity
What hurts you the most?: being disrespected
Which person always makes you happy? brett, amanda
Depressed?: thinking about loosing her, and my brother leaving
Are you a really emotional person?: yes
What do you do when you're depressed?: sleep, cry, call brett, or call amanda, or corey palmer amanda brett corey are first before sleep or cry
What song do you think was written about your life?: couldnt tell you i havnt finished writing the pages of mine

When Was The Last Time You..
Burped?: right now
Kissed?: after school
Had sex?: while ago
Went to the movies?: dont remember
Went out to eat?: yesterday
Cried?: couple weeks ago
Got dumped?: march 6th
Dumped someone?: long while ago
Threw up?: today
Peed?: bout 30 min ago
Went skating?: dont remember
Went for a walk?: uhhhhhhh i ran
Ate ice cream?: long time ago
Got into a fight?: every nights a fight at my house

Who was the last person you...
Talked to?: amanda
Yelled at?: michele
Kissed?: amanda
Hugged?: amanda
Went out to eat with?: sarah andrew and amanda
Flirted with?: no one
Talked to on the phone?: amanda
IMed?: shannon
E-Mail?: uhh
Got flowers from?: no one
Made love to?: amanda
Danced with?: amanda
Fought with?: michele
Worried about?: amanda, and brett
Wanted to kill?: michele
Cried over?: carl
Thought about?: amanda

Are you...
Understanding?: yes
Pretty?: yes
Nice?: yes
A bitch?: difficult sometimes
Hard to get?: eh
Confident?: yes
Depressed?: no
Hyper?: depends
Popular?: yes
Friendly?: yes
Sexy?: nope, i am a big piece of jello
Hungry?: nah
Original?: no not really but i do have my own aura
Shy?: no
Emotional?: yes
Messy?: ha
Arrogant?: used to be
Immature?: oh yeah
Sad?: no
Trusting?: yes
Healthy?: yup
Sleepy?: no
Lonely?: no
Independent?: somewhat
01:45pm 02/05/2005
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06:31pm 20/04/2005
  i hate weed i hate 420......grow the fuck up..........i know that hypocritical of me to say but everyone makes such a big deal out of some pointless fucking day....its just another day to smoke weed....you dont get anything extra...  
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04:12am 19/04/2005
  everyone say a short prayer for a good friend of mine. carl barrett. ive known carl for three years and when i found out he passed away the other day i was devastated. carl was not just my boss he was my friend. and we all love him very much and we will miss him. so please say a prayer for him and his family....thank you  
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09:15pm 18/04/2005
  Seven things in your room:
1. aviators
2. cds
3. a poster from every trustkill band
4. a mirror with various stickers on it
5. stereo
6. pictures
7. my bed

Seven things to do before death:
1. sky dive
2. fall in love.
3. build a house
4. go on tour
5. streak
6. meet the misfits
7. your mom

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
1. eyes
2. personality
3. musical interest
4. legs
5. butt
6. lips
7. voice

Top seven things you say most:
1. word
2. bet me
3. fuck
4. lol
5. yooooooooooo
6. poop
7. fart
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04:09pm 17/04/2005
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08:21am 15/04/2005
  last day of drivers ed.......sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet....i hate updating this dumb fucking thing ahhaa thats why my entrys are usually pointless.....actually always pointless and they sometimes are dumb

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08:25pm 14/04/2005
  shinobi vs dragon ninja!  
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08:03pm 13/04/2005
  word i drive soon license here i come im stoked.......late  
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couldnt step it up   
06:30am 09/04/2005
  last night i got out of drivers ed...and who was there to pick me up cla and curtis my boys! so than i called christina to just come over my house and well all find somethin to do. so christina leron me and cla were chillen at my house lookin for somethin to do. than brett liz and donaway came over cause they were doin the same thing we were doin. unfortunatly there was nothing to do so everyone peaced and i went with christina to take leron than i came home went to bed. wat a friday haha hearts cla and curtis for picking me up. today is my first day at south moon im goin in from 11 till 3ish i think than i gotta go to zolees from 5 till hopefully 9. im a workin man now. i got a date for prom im stoked. soo its time for me to get dressed later!!!  
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melting in the summer air   
02:09pm 08/04/2005
  soooo drivers ed is pretty gay but its somethin i gotta do i guess...tonight i think im gonna go to class than chill with christina who knows...late  
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bury your head   
01:45pm 05/04/2005
  im so glad its nice out. my dads b day is thursday hes 55 crazy! him and my step mom are goin out of town for a day so i think im gonna chill at home and take it easy.

im goin to see greenday with brett and sarah im stoked lol fuckin green day. and than hopefully i will see saosin at bamboozle if not i think ill die. no band practice today no worries tommorw i swear
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08:22pm 04/04/2005
  i just told peirce some stuff that lol really made me blush hahahahaha.............i started drivers ed today it was sad but whatever im on my way